ACM Secret Harbour 50 (2010)

USD 1,500,000

The Perfect Luxury Cruiser For Asia


Northrop and Johnson

Type of Boat Powerboat
Manufacturer ACM
Model Secret Harbour 50
Year of Manufacture 2010
Location Singapore
Overall Length 50 ft (15.2 m)
Beam 15 ft (4.6 m)
Draft 3 ft (0.9 m)
Hull Type
Number of Engines 2
Make (Manufacturer) Cumins QSB 480 HP Zeus
Estimated Usage
Fuel Capacity
Water Holding
Combustion Diesel


The Secret Harbour 50 is perfectly designed for luxury cruising in Asia. Its unique hull provides true Ocean Passage Making Capabilities - meaning that you can use your yacht for far more than simple weekend trips to the beach. Its long range passage making abilities mean you can cruise with ease and comfort from Singapore to Phuket, from Hong Kong to Vietnam, from Jakarta to Langkawi - this yacht will take you where you want to go. With a comfortable range well in excess of 1,300 miles the 49 and the most fuel efficient performance you save money as well as travel in style. The fully enclosed air conditioned saloon means you are protected from the searing sun and any inclement weather that might come your way. While stopping at your favourite spot simply lower the transom gate to create a unique bathing platform and easy access to the water. The Zeus drives mean that the yacht can be easily handled by just one person with incredible manoeuvrability and simplicity. This is the only yacht in its class to offer 3 cabins for 6 people and 2 bathrooms.